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Angélique Aubrit born 1988 in Angoulême, lives and works in Brussels.

Ludovic Beillard born 1982 in Bordeaux, lives and works in Bordeaux.

Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard

Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard have been exhibiting together as an artist duo since 2017. In their practice, they blend together sculpture, installation, video, performance and drawing, creating imersive environments inhabited by figures in which burlesque narratives and absurd theatre unite. With their multidisciplinary approach the artists use elements of self-sewn clothing, wooden sculptures, and recycled furnishings to give life to their creations. Drawing inspiration from commedia dell’arte, grotesque cinema, and philosophical concepts, they craft characters that serve as poignant reflections of marginalized minorities and societal struggles. In their video installations and performances, these characters navigate situations of desperation, their wooden heads and constrained gestures conveying a palpable sense of uncanniness. Yet, Aubrit and Beillard’s work transcends mere pessimism, aiming instead to provoke introspection and collective dialogue. Their exhibitions serve as chapters in an ongoing narrative, inviting viewers to confront the complexities of the human condition and their own roles within it. In their meticulously staged environments, a neurotic psychic state prevails, implicating both observer and observed in a shared sense of unease. Each work serves as a mirror, challenging visitors to consider the possibility that they too could inhabit these surreal landscapes.

Selected solo exhibitions: Centre d’art Les Capucins, Embrun (2023), Kunstverein, Bielefeld (2023), La Centrale, Brussels (2023), Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris (2022), Centre d’art La Tôlerie, Clermont-Ferrand (2021), Résidence Lindre-Basse at CAC – center d’art La synagogue, Delme (2021), Établissement d’en face, Brussels (2021), Komplot, Brussels (2019).

Selected group exhibitions: Haus Mödrath, Kerpen (2024), Clages Gallery, Cologne (2023), K21 Düsseldorf (2023), Kunstverein, Bielefeld (2022), Centre Pompidou-Metz (2022), CRAC – Le 19 Montbeliar (2022), Bassin Caresse, Brest (2022), Waldburger Wouters Gallery, Brussels (2022), CAPC Bordeaux (2021), Établissement d’en face, Brussels (2021), FUTURA, Prague (2020).

In 2022, the artist duo received the Prix Médiatine, Brussels. Recent residencies include Triangle – Astérides, Marseille (2023), Centre d’art les Capucins, Embrun (2023 and 2022), Centre Pompidou Metz (2022). In 2023, their works joined the CNAP Centre National des Arts Plastiques collection.

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Selected Works
Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard
Ich glaube, wir sollten woanders hingehen (Ed)
Velvet, satin, cotton, cedar wood
Dimensions variable
Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard
Hash 1
Velvet, satin, cotton, wire
Dimensions variable
Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard
Nuits (2053)
Abachi wood, cotton, satin, cardboard
25 × 35 × 20 cm
Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard
Ich glaube, wir sollten woanders hingehen (Bob)
Polyester, cotton, jeans, lime wood, abachi wood
Dimensions variable
ARCHIPEL I INVERNO with Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard, Elen Braga
10 DECEMBER – 24 February, 2024
you crack me up! Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard, Victoria Palacios
March 2 - April 13, 2024
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