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Rectangle is pleased to present REc+ >>>, a solo exhibition by Joan Heemskerk.

In our digital age, beyond the surface of the latest Zoom calls, Netflix shows, or digital art, lies a world of intricate data and their never-ending journey. These delicate bits, the raw material of our computerised existence, undergo processing, encryption, and transmission, becoming the substrate for the artist’s exploration. Joan Heemskerk’s practice is often described as “infrastructure poetry,” as she uncovers the beauty and complexity within the very framework that shapes our digital landscape. Through a series of existing and new works, this exhibition delves deep into the interconnected realms of networks, data, and cryptography.

Joan Heemskerk
REc+ >>>
hosted and curated by @rectangle_be
at Waldburger Wouters

July 14 - September 2, 2023


July 14 - September 2, 2023

JOAN HEEMSKERK REc+ >>> hosted and curated by Rectangle, BE

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