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Born 1965 in Democratic Republic of Congo

Rigobert Nimi (born 1965)

Rigobert Nimi was born in 1965, Tshiela, Bas-Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo. He lives and works in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. He’s a sculptor, and an engineer, he uses, like other african artists, mainly recycled materials like plastic, metal, aluminium..

He creates his work with extreme precision, he calculates every single detail and the result’ s this colored and precise machines; lights, sound and movements are also other important aspects of his work. This work undertakes him also for several months. 

He has commented on his work: “To conceive and construct these machines with rigor and precision is a way for me to make my dreams become concrete realities, to forget everyday life and its difficulties. It is courage, primarily, that has allowed me to succeed. Young artists here are an ignored resource. We are not valued by those who should be encouraging and helping us.”

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