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Born 1926 in Zagreb, former Yugoslavia

Died 2018

Stjepan Vrbanec (1926-2018)

Stjepan Vrbanec (1926-2018) was born in Zagreb, former Yugoslavia. He lost his mother at very early, and his father’s relatives took care of him. Life was not kind to him from a young age. After the Second World War, he started working in construction, but he embraced art as his calling early on. From the beginning, he showed interest in the customs, culture, natural and historical sights of his region. For some time he was a passionate amateur archeologist, before turning to radioesthesia and radiology. Throughout this time, he followed developments in the fields of science and technology, with a par- ticular fascination for humanity’s interest in space. Vrbanec was a tireless practitioner with a deep philosophical streak. In a mature phase, he began to explore spiritual knowledge, meditation, alterna- tive arts, and actively practiced bioenergy treatment. He started deciphering the messages he believed he received from space. Vrbanec always had the intention of helping individuals while thinking of the world as a whole.

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Selected Works
Stjepan Vrbanec (1926-2018)
Kosmičke zrake (Cosmic Rays)
Marker on paper
21 x 29,7 cm
PARALLEL VISIONS with Alcides Pereira dos Santos, Cyprien Tokoudagba, Stjepan Vrbanec, Anna Zemánková
February 2 - February 24, 2024
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