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Michèle Magema
Michèle Magema
Nzinga and me
Impression couleur, baryta sur aluminium
42 × 60 cm

They Say Crisis. We Say Revolution

“The gurus of old colonial Europe seem determined of late to explain to the activists of the Occupy, Indignados, crip-intersex-trans-queer, feminist and post-porn movements that we aren’t able to start a revolution because we don’t have an ideology. They say “an ideology” the way my mother used to say “a husband”. Well, we need neither an ideology nor a husband. New feminists do not need a husband because we are not women. Just as we don’t need an ideology because we are not people. We are neither communism nor liberalism. And not the old Catholic-Muslim-Jewish tune. We speak a different language. They say representation; we say experimentation. They say identity; we say multitude. They say control the poor neighbor-hoods; let’s invent the city of hybrids. They say debt; we say sexual cooperation and somatic interdependence. They say human capital; we say multi-species alliance. They say horsemeat on our plates; we say let’s get on horseback to escape the global slaughterhouse together. They say power; we say potency. Say integration; we say disidentification. They say interdisciplinary; we say undisciplined. They say man-woman, Black-White, human-animal, homosexual-heterosexual, Israel-Palestine. We say you know very well that your truth-production apparatus has stopped working... How many Galilees will we need this time to re-learn how to name things ourselves? (...) They say crisis. We say revolution.”

Excerpt from “We Say Revolution” by Paul B. Preciado, published in the new book “An Apartment on Uranus”, 2020, Fitzcarraldo Editions, translated from French by Charlotte Mandell. ­

The exhibition proposal is fueled by encounters with Xeno-, an artistic platform dedicated to everyone who identifies themselves as a woman, gender non-comforming and non-binary, with a focus on marginalised artists of Color.

­June 20 – July 21, 2020

New Saints

Zoë Paul

Violaine Le Fur

Michèle Magema

Mélanie Peduzzi

Ichraf Nasri

Hadassah Emmerich

Clara-Lane Lens

Lynn Hershman Leeson

Eli Cortiñas

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