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unknown artists

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Selected Works
unknown artists
Head of a youth
Germany, early 15th century
Stone (volcanic tuff)
16 × 20 × 19 cm (without stand)
unknown artists
Maria Lactans
Rhine region, 15th century
Wood, polychromy
52 × 26 cm (without stand)
unknown artists
Archangel Michael
France, 16th century
Oak, fully sculpted and polychromed (superposed layers), metallic anklerings
80 cm
unknown artists
Painted fragment from ceiling
Italy, 16th century
Charming lion on wood
43 × 23 cm
unknown artists
Head of a Grotesque
England, 13th century
Granite. Wear, losses (chin and lower teeth)
19 × 16 × 17 cm
New Saints
­June 20 – July 21, 2020
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